Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've thought about doing a blog for quite some time, not because I think we are that interesting, really, we aren't. Instead, it would allow me a place to start posting some photos of the kids. I figure it would give me a good place to talk about my favorite subject after the daddy and the As a former homeschooling family, we now live at the mercy of coaches and school administrators. They decide when we will be home for dinner and sometimes even how long we have to eat. We now have the excitement that is homework for four children. I guess we are lucky that pre-K doesn't have homework. The end all be all is that I truly want to get better at staying in touch with our family in our home state and this will give me a chance to do so. They can read it or ignore it and I'm not all up in their time either.
So, that's why I started this.
Now, a little about who we are. We are a regular family, if there is such a thing as regular. There's the daddy, the mama (that's me), oldest son, second son, oldest girl, second girl and the youngest, a boy. We live have lived in Tennessee for over half our 16 years of married life.
So,that's the starter post. Now the interesting stuff happens...the recipes...the photos...the news. Hope it works!


Julia said...

Amanda - I look forward to reading your blog!

Julia (LDD board)