Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Stop, Lambert's, Sikeston, MO

"Throwed" Roll, Lambert's Sikeston, Missouri

All You Can Eat Fried Okra, Lambert's, Sikeston, Missouri

I'm a little late in blogging our trip. We left around noon on Tuesday, June 30. I had worked all night and took a little nap on the road while The Daddy drove. We arrived at Lambert's in Sikeston around 4:30pm. It was perfect timing! A large tour bus pulled in the lot as we were going in the door. We got a table quickly and were greeted with fresh, hot okra spooned onto our napkins. We made our choices from the menu and began watching and listening for the "Hot Rolls" guy. The rolls were HOT and delicious. The kids enjoyed catching them as they were literally thrown from across the large dining room. Other 'pass-arounds' came by but we were pretty much about the okra and rolls. There was honey on the table and a young lady came by with sorghum molasses for the rolls as well. I got pot roast with mashed potatoes and collard greens. I did get a small amount of black-eyed peas from the pass-arounds, but I didn't try the macaroni with tomatoes or the fried potatoes. The okra was delicious and I seriously cannot believe The Daddy ate as much as he did! I cleaned my plate and had another roll with honey for dessert. It was a good value of food for the money. The younger kids all had chicken and dumplings with two sides (mostly applesauce and corn) and their drink came with the price of their meal. The Daddy and Master-P had cheeseburgers, big surprise, but they were large, freshly made burgers and they were both full, a major accomplishment. Homey-G had the vegetable plate and ate more than his fair share of black-eyed peas and okra as well. Homey is not eating meat at this time. Dessert was offered but we were stuffed. Lambert's was a great place to stop, but since we live in the land of Meat and Three cafes, I wouldn't make a special trip.