Monday, March 17, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Roasted Asparagus

There's nothing like those first new crops of Spring showing up in my local market. I love it when strawberries are cheaper than Hershey bars! After eating apples, pears, grapes and such all winter, the taste of Spring is a welcome change. Asparagus is one of those that just delights me! It is delicious and nutritious and, well, pretty and green on a St. Patrick's Day! Pop off the tough ends, rinse and dry then toss with the smallest amount of olive oil. I used 1 tsp. for all this. Add salt and pepper then roast at 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. I like mine just a little firm but with some nice crusty bits. I roast lots then have leftovers for lunch....or breakfast....or a snack. Okay, it's good, you got that...

Endive Salad

I could sing the praises of this salad over and over. It has been my saving grace on Weight Watchers many times. It is healthy, but the bit of blue cheese makes it feel so indulgent! I got the method or recipe or what-have-you from Melinda. We used to go to church with Melinda and her husband a few years ago. I still see her now and then. She is one of those people who always smiles. It is magnetic. Maybe it's from eating this salad! It definitely makes me smile!
Start with a couple of heads of Belgian Endive. I buy it at Publix and without fail, every time I buy it (like weekly), the cashier politely asks what it is and then cannot find it in the system. I am now a pro at knowing it is listed as Belgian Endive there, under B not under E. And now you know, too. Wow, an educational post. So, you peel away a couple of outer leaves and discard them, then trim off a bit of the bottom, peel away as many leaves as you can, then trim again and peel away again. Arrange the leaves on your plate, platter or whatever you like. I chop up the smallest ones and toss on top. Now chop up a couple of tomatoes, 1/2 of a red onion and a whole avocado. Sprinkle that among the leaves. Add some blue cheese, a lot or a little, you choose. I tend to measure out 1 oz. so I can count points for it on WW. Now drizzle the whole thing with good olive oil, again I use 1 tsp. since that is 1 point. I also throw on a couple of teaspoons of balsamic vinegar and good bit of freshly ground black pepper and some salt. If I am serving this as an appetizer, I try to separate the leaves and ingredients a bit more so it's easy to pick up. If I'm having it for lunch, I just pile it together and eat it like nachos. Either way, it's one of my favorite things! Spring is just around the corner...I can smell it....or maybe it's just my asparagus roasting away.


Anonymous said...

That looks and sounds delicious!