Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Humor Me!

So, yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day. That would be the day to serve traditional Irish or Irish-American fare for dinner. And since I think I am so very funny, I had a little pun with dinner....a pun indeed.

Corn, Beef and Cabbage!
Yes, I should seek professional help and I have! I got advice on the pot roast from one of my favorite bloggers. This gal is quite a funny lady and I think she would approve of my using her delicious pot roast recipe for my punny St. Patrick's Day dinner. I did it almost exactly as she says, except I used baby carrots, since that is what I had...oh, and I made pan gravy from the drippings...and I might have added a squirt of soy sauce and a tiny bit of Dijon mustard to the broth because I like how that makes the carrots taste...and the carrots are my favorite part! I used a nice big 4 pound chuck roast and had enough leftover for some lunch today. It was a great meal and the kids thought I was funny for like 4 seconds. Well, they at least rolled their eyes at me.
I also took some advice from another very witty (and creative) blogger on cooking the cabbage in my crockpot. It turned out great! Her version had the potatoes added and I did mine just a little different, but seriously, it was delicous and EASY! We did enjoy the meal and got some cabbage and potatoes in so we feel St. Patrickified. What a testament to our heritage.


JJ said...

Nice photo - it looks yummy! I found my way over (to your blog) from your comment on the crockpot lady's blog. I'll be back :-)

Crockpot Lady said...

Amanda, I'm so glad that you liked the cabbage.

And the pot roast reminded me that I haven't done it yet in the crockpot.
lol, what a dork. that's a crockpot staple...


I'm glad you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

Anj said...

I have lurked on AOL message boards for years and came across your blog though there. Looks like a great meal, and I think the pun is just too darn funny!

Beth said...

Amanda it looks yummy! And thanks for looking and reading and commenting on my blog! I appreciate it!