Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello From Louisiana!

Crawfish from the street in Shreveport, LA
We left Spring Hill this morning, after stopping for a hamburger (the breakfast of choice) at the Sonic. The kids did great and we didn't stop until we got on the west side of Birmingham, AL. We stopped at a McDonald's to use the facilities and it was seriously the dirtiest Mickey D's I've ever been in . Ugh. Back in the car for a couple of hours and then a stop for lunch in Meridian, Mississippi. We went with tradition and stopped at Popeye's Fried Chicken. We don't have one near us in TN, though there are a couple in the Nashville area. My kids love the spicy chicken. I had a large serving of their delicious red beans and rice and some onion rings. Yum!
We stretched our legs a bit and then climbed back in the van for the remainder of today's journey. Now we are comfortably settled into our usual digs here in Shreveport. We are at a hotel with an indoor/outdoor pool and plenty of space to unwind after a 600+ mile drive. The photo above was of our dinner! I bought 5# of freshly steamed crawfish plus potatoes and corn for $15.00. It was at a screened in outdoor stand in a convenience store parking lot. If I die, it will be happy! The kids went for Whataburgers while the daddy and I had the crawfish and some beers (the daddy, not me, they make me too tired with my recent illness). It was joyous and now we are tired and off to bed.
Be blessed~


Beth said...

You went 600 miles already? Wow! How fun to travel like that!