Tuesday, June 10, 2008

National Road Stop of Texas

Steak Fingers at Dairy Queen
I realize that every Texan has their own interpretation of what Texas means to them. I grew up in a tiny South Texas town and the Dairy Queen was it in town. We have DQs in Tennessee (though not in our area) but there is just something about eating at Dairy Queen in Texas. For one, the gravy is the bomb. When you get a Steak Finger Basket at the DQ, everything in the basket can be dunked into the delicious peppery cream gravy. Yep, the steak fingers (deep fried portions of something like cube steak), the french fries and the Texas Toast are all good tasty vehicles for the gravy.
I, personally, love the tacos. Honestly, I think it is the taco sauce. DQs in Tennessee don't have tacos. They aren't anything like Taco Bell, but then again, they are nothing like what we make at home using corn tortillas. They are a taste all their own and we only get them in Texas.
(I ate the tacos before taking the photos, hence no pictures)
So, we stopped for more Whataburgers for breakfast in Shreveport before driving into my home state. We dropped off the interstate quickly, since The Daddy prefers the backroads. It does make the drive more interesting. It is fun to pass through the different terrain and see why they say Texas is like a whole other country. In each small town, there is a Dairy Queen.
We stopped for a late lunch in Brenham, the home of this delicous stuff. After our tacos or steak fingers, we had some ice cream and headed down the road. After 4 more hours, we arrived at my home.
I would tell you we had some delicious dinner, and my mom is a wonderful cook, but we were just too busy swimming and visiting to eat. It was good to be home.
Be blessed~


Red Raider said...

Never had the DQ tacos. Obsessed with the Chicken Finger basket and Tin Roof Blizzard myself. I always run out of gravy. Is that a bad sign?